Who We Are

Kropf Cattle Company is located where the mountains meet the plains in central Montana. Here our cows graze on some of the best and most nutritious grasses in the world, and as a result, our beef is also some of the best you’ll find, both in taste and nutrition.

We believe that quality of life matters,and we love our cows which is why we treat them humanely and with respect, using traditional techniques and low stress management practices. We also believe that even though cows grow slower and take longer to be ready to harvest on a diet of all grass versus being gorged on grain, its more natural and worth it, both for the health of the cows and the health of our costumers. When cows eat what they were designed to eat and are not confined to small spaces, they very rarely become sick. When we do have one that is ill, we treat first with natural and herbal remedies. If it becomes necessary to use antibiotics to save a cows life, we do NOT sell that animal with our grass-fed beef, but by a different avenue. Our cows never receive growth hormones, as we believe that to be an unnatural and harmful practice, and we never feed GMO’s.

Our cows are treated well, and we believe you’ll taste the difference!